500 Festival Float Judging

Had a great time in May as one of the float judges for this year’s 500 Festival Parade.  A lot of great entries and creativity based on this year’s theme.  All of these floats show a great community spirit as well and make Indianapolis a fun and exciting place to be during the month of May.  It was a treat to be asked to serve in this role – so much fun!

Good design is timeless

When I was walking in the streets of Boston’s south end this past June, I ventured into a high end furniture consignment store. I was not surprised to see all the classic Herman Miller furniture pieces in the shop. It seems to me that all the classically beautiful items that I enjoyed selling after I got out of college have come full circle. The young clients that I work with today are craving those same classics! I love that good taste in fine art.

Where does inspiration come from?

When I was interviewing my client, we chatted about how she wanted her new home to look and feel. She told me about her trip to Italy with her husband. She said they had enjoyed the wine, the countryside, the wonderful foods and a relaxing time together. She then showed me a set of colorful hand painted tiles they had brought back. I said, let’s use those in the kitchen over the stove, so you will always remember the fabulous trip. These tiles seemed to inspire many decisions we made while the house was being built. It can be such a small thing that inspires grand design ideas.

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